Accepted Students



The University of Washington’s Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps conducts an annual orientation prior to the start of the fall quarter.  Throughout the week incoming midshipmen will learn the expectations of Husky Battalion morally, mentally, and physically.


To familiarize prospective Midshipmen with:

  • Military customs and courtesies
  • Uniform regulations
  • Height and Weight standards
  • Navy and Marine Corps Fitness Standards
  • Close order drill
  • NROTC Program
  • Various career options (Aviation, Surface Warfare, Submarines, Marine Corps, etc.)
  • Emphasize the importance of teamwork, leadership, and core values

Reporting to UW NROTC

You are required to arrive at Clark Hall (2103 Skagit Lane, Seattle, WA 98195) no later than 0530 on Monday, 16 September 2024.
You are required to wear the Physical Training Uniform (PTU) if you have attended NSI, or civilian workout attire if you have not attended NSI.

You will need to have the following documents on your possession when reporting to the command:

  1. Immunization record
  2. Birth certificate and other identification (e.g. driver’s license)
  3. Reporting-in letter from Naval Service Training Command (scholarship students only)
  4. All administrative paperwork
  5. Bank information (account and routing numbers, and direct deposit capability)
  6. Doctor’s note detailing your ability to engage in physical activity (only applies to non-scholarship students entering the College Program)
  7. Receipts for travel expenses incurred from home to UW (travel may be reimbursed for scholarship students only)

Should you have any questions regarding the required documents mentioned above, contact the New Student Orientation Admin Officer and Admin Chief immediately:

Initial Preparation for NSO

Along with completing all of the necessary paperwork, you must complete the following action items to be fully prepared for New Student Orientation.

  • Attend a UW or Seattle U Advising and Orientation session prior to NSO.
  • You must ensure you have set up all of your housing requirements.
  • Obtain a Husky Card (student ID) in your possession.
  • Register for N SCI 101 and N SCI 110, in addition to your other classes.
    • NOTE: When registering for classes, you may be asked for an “add code” for the NSCI 101 course. Contact the New Student Orientation Administration Officer to receive your add code. If you are a Seattle University student, you will be unable to register until you arrive. You will, however, need to leave a block in your schedule on Tuesday and Thursday from 1400 to 1520, or Monday and Wednesday from 1400 to 1520.
  • Become intimately familiar with the Welcome Aboard Guide and the New Student Orientation Tri-fold:
  • Ensure you are within all grooming and weight standards prior to arriving and that you are wearing the Physical Training Uniform (PTU) if you have attended NSI, or civilian workout attire if you have not attended NSI when reporting in (see “Grooming Standards and Proper Day One Attire” section).


UW Students:

Students who intend on residing in the dorms during the school year must apply for early arrival. Applying for early arrival will allow you to gain access to your dorm room prior to New Student Orientation. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS. The UW NROTC program has no authority within the realm of roommate selection or assignment; such decisions remain your responsibility. It is strongly advised that you apply for a dorm room on North Campus, as it is the closest to Clark Hall. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the student services office (contact information below). You will need to inquire about Early Arrival Housing with respect to UW NROTC program.

Instructions for applying for early arrival housing:

SU Students:

Similarly to UW Seattle, the UW NROTC program has no authority with the realm of roommate selection or assignment; such decision is your responsibility.

  • Set up for SU account
  • Apply for housing through your SU housing portal
  • Once you have a housing assignment, apply for early arrival, by filling out the form on your SU housing portal
    • Fill out the form ASAP
    • Put the reason as NROTC
  • This is the first year SU students need to move in early, if you have questions are run into issues, contact the NSO Admin Officer and Admin Chief immediately

Husky Card Account

Grooming Standards and Proper Day One Attire

You must adhere to the grooming standards and appropriate civilian attire regulations; therefore, you must read the applicable sections by visiting the following links:

Navy Regulations:



Physical Training Guidelines

Students are regularly tested in physical aptitude through the Physical Readiness Test (Navy Options), Physical Fitness Test (Marine Options), and Combat Fitness Test (Marine Options). A PRT/PFT will be conducted during NSO.
NSO will also include regular physical training, so ensure that you arrive in good shape. Meeting only the minimum standards for the PRT/PFT is not the level of fitness that is expected from UW midshipmen.
Failure to meet “good-low” standards in push-ups, forearm planks, and the 1.5-mile run during New Student Orientation will result in immediate disciplinary action which may include a hold on financial support from the scholarship and can lead to dismissal from the program.

Marine Corps

Incidental Expenses

Ensure that you have two forms of payment for food and other expenses. (e.g. debit/credit card and Husky card with dining plan)
Examples of common expenses during NSO:

  • Meals at the Center Table dining hall; must be paid with the Husky Card account or a credit card.
  • Uniform items include: a new package of white crewneck undershirts and black shoe polish ($15 for full kit). Students may bring their own items or purchase items prior to NSO.
  • Campus parking permit. Prices vary; therefore, you must contact the Transportation Services at for more information.

Point of Contact Information

    MECEP & STA-21


    Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Educational Program (MECEP) and Seaman to Admiral – 21 (STA-21) are programs sponsored by the US Marine Corps and US Navy to provide a path for enlisted Marines and Sailors to become Commissioned Officers. Upon selection, they will receive PCS orders to their respective university where they will be attached to the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps unit to complete their undergraduate degree. During their tenure as a student, they will continue to receive their respective pay and allowances in accordance with Navy and Marine Corps regulations. STA-21 will be put into the In-active Ready Reserve which means your active duty time in service will stop until earning a commissioning. However, MECEP will continue to accrue active duty time in service towards retirement.

    Checking In

    When check in date is approaching you should have already been in touch with your sponsor for some time.
    Check-in will be initially conducted in the Admin Office. Officer Candidates will wear Service Khakis while MECEPs will wear the Service Alphas. Check in time is between 0800 and 1100, Monday-Friday.
    Please call ahead to ensure that the appropriate staff will be present, or if checking in before 1100 is not possible.
    The Admin Office is located in Clark Hall on the second deck, room 201. Enter through the front of the building, up the steps to the second deck, turn right, then enter the office immediately to the right. It is clearly labeled.

    UW NROTC Admin
    (206) 543-0170

    After checking in with admin, MECEPS must check in with the unit’s Assistant Marine Officer Instructor. Please call ahead to arrange an appointment:

    Gunnery Sergeant Hendrix
    (206) 221-4290

    In addition to checking in at Clark Hall, MECEPs will need to check in at Joint Base Lewis-McCord. Your sponsor will provide more detailed information.

    Joint Base Lewis-McCord
    (253) 968-7156 or (253) 988-1071

    Sponsorship Info


    You will be contacted by a current member of the battalion (i.e., OC or MECEP) during your time at NSI. If you have not been contacted within 2 weeks after your arrival at NSI, please contact the alternate sponsor coordinator to request an assignment of a sponsor.
    Your sponsor will email you a welcome aboard letter containing pertinent information concerning your check in process. Furthermore, your sponsor will be your immediate point of contact to answer any questions or address any issues that may arise.
    The primary sponsor coordinator for FY-24 is Lieutenant Josh Lanzona.

    Lieutenant Josh Lanzona

    The alternate sponsor coordinator:

    Gunnery Sergeant Hendrix

    Marines who have been selected to the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program are required to contact the Marine Officer Instructor via phone call or email. You will be assigned a sponsor by the Marine Officer Instructor or Assistant Marine Officer Instructor. Your sponsor will email you a welcome aboard letter containing pertinent information concerning your check in process.Your sponsor will be your immediate point of contact to answer any questions or address any issues that may arise. If for any reason you are unable to communicate with your sponsor, you should direct your communication to the alternate sponsor coordinator.
    Primary Sponsor Coordinator:

    Capt Schilder

    Alternate Sponsor Coordinator:

    GySgt Hendrix

    Housing and Commuting




    Tricare coverage will be that the Northwest Region. Our command qualifies for Tricare Prime Remote. If you still wish to maintain Tricare Prime, your Primary Care Manager (PCM) can be located at Military Treatment Facility (MTF) Naval Station Everett, Naval Station Bremerton, or Coast Guard Base Seattle (near T-Mobile Park). Coast Guard Base Seattle can handle most routine exams (i.e. PHA).

    Medical and Dental Records

    You can choose to maintain your own medical and dental record. Unless you live nearby a Military Treatment Facility, keeping your medical record is recommended as you may need to visit several different medical facilities in the process of getting a commissioning physical.