University of Washington Naval Reserve Training Corps

About Us

This NROTC unit was one of the first six established in the United States in 1926. A significant aspect of what makes Husky Battalion the best is the superior academic environment provided by the University of Washington. The availability of degree programs in all major scholastic fields, supported by outstanding facilities, has made a lasting contribution to the education of officers in today’s Navy and Marine Corps.

The NROTC program puts great emphasis on training for leadership. Military drill is regularly conducted for this purpose. Additionally, each midshipman gets ample opportunity to improve their leadership skills through Battalion staff positions. Other opportunities to lead and participate in the unit include rifle and pistol teams, intramural athletic teams, the Northwest Navy NROTC competition, field days, formal military balls, duty watches, and field exercises. All of these activities help form a strong culture of camaraderie and teamwork among the midshipmen that they take with them to the fleet.

Unit Information

For all scholarship and program inquiries please contact LT Bingle at

Physical Address of Clark Hall housing the Department of Naval Science
University of Washington – Clark Hall
Hours of Operation 8am – 4pm (excluding weekends & holidays)
Main Number (206) 543-0170
Fax Number (206) 543-0163
Physical Address 2103 Skagit Ln Seattle, WA 98195
Mailing Address Department of Naval Science
University of Washington
Box 353840
Seattle, WA 98195

Meet the Staff

NROTC Commanding Officer - Captain Adkins

CAPT Allen Adkins

NROTC Executive Officer - CDR Slade

CDR Richard Bog Slade

NROTC Marine Officer Instructor - Capt Schilder

Capt Elizabeth Schilder

GySgt Brandon J Hendrix

NROTC Poseidon Company Adviser - LT Josh Lanzona

LT Josh Lanzona

Staff Advisor - LT Ryan Kraner

LT Ryan Kraner

Staff Advisor - LT Morgan Bingle

LT Morgan Bingle

NROTC Supply Officer - Mr Dave Patton

Mr David Patton

NROTC Human Resources - Mr Ed Herrera

Mr Eduardo Herrera

Program Coordinator - Mr Jon-Paul Mickle

Mr Jon-Paul Mickle

Staff Contact Information

Title Name Phone Email Address
Commanding Officer CAPT Allen Adkins (206) 543-0170
Executive Officer CDR Richard Bog Slade (206) 543-0170
Marine Officer Instructor Capt Elizabeth Schilder (206) 543-0161
Assistant Marine Officer Instructor GySgt Brandon Hendrix (206) 221-5395
Submarine Warfare / Nuclear Power Advisor LT Josh Lanzona (206) 221-4178
Surface Warfare Advisor LT Ricardo Caporale (206) 543-0166
Surface Warfare Advisor LT Morgan Bingle (206) 221-4234
Supply Officer Mr. Dave Patton (206) 543-0158
Human Resources Mr. Ed Herrera (206) 221-3730
Program Coordinator Jon-Paul Mickle (206) 221-3562
Website Administrator MIDN LaMotte

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