University of Washington Naval Reserve Training Corps

Physical Training

HRT Brief

A Training Time Out may be called by any member at any time. If a TTO is called, training will stop for that individual until the individual and event instructor deem it safe to proceed. A TTO may be verbal or non-verbal by making a “T” (demonstrate) with your hands. AED/CPR first responder will be ___________. He/She will be located____________. Communications relay will be myself and anyone else with a cell-phone. For any emergency please call 911.

If you have adverse answers to any of these questions, please see me afterwards.

  1. Does anyone not have a current PHA or equivalent? If not, then you may not participate in PT.
  2. Do you have chest pain with or without exertion, bone or joint pain, high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
  3. Have you had any change in your medical status since the last time you were asked these questions?
  4. Is anyone ill today or know of any medical condition that may prevent you from participating in physical activity today?